Hi, I’m Kristiann. Everyone calls me Kristi, so you may as well do the same! I grew up in a lot of places: Oregon, Grenada, Washington, Idaho and now I live in Montana with my amazing second shooter…also known as my husband, Noah.

When I was twelve I picked up my family’s clunky, old point-and-shoot camera and started experimenting with it as much as possible. My sisters were the subjects of many unflattering photo shoots and unfortunate edits that I thought were beautiful at that point, but eventually, after much practice, that hobby turned into a business! I have been doing photography professionally now for 6 years.

My favorite thing to do is to capture love. There is something so raw and beautiful about it, something that is worth being captured and saved forever. Everyone’s stories are unique and I love telling those stories through photographs.

Along with photography I love to travel. I absolutely love seeing new places, new faces, and different cultures! Singing is also at the top of my list of things I love to do. My husband and I both adore music and singing so don’t be too surprised if we randomly burst into song while shooting your photos!

Enough about myself, I would love to hear from you! What’s your story?